Men are also susceptible to psychosis - what are the causes and what are the symptoms?

Psychosis is an acute mental disorder characterized by auditory and visual hallucinations accompanied by delusions, obsessive thoughts, and affective disorders.

The Patient at this moment is not aware of what is happening, can not determine their position in the world and space, sometimes he is excited and aggressive, and sometimes falls into apathy and depression.

Sometimes he is in a gratuitous euphoria and is ready to love the whole world, but immediately seethes with rage and hatred for others.

Psychosis- is a broad concept, it refers to failures in the Central nervous system, so-called nervous breakdowns, and catatonic manifestations of schizophrenia, and bipolar disorders of the psyche.

Psychosis- diagnosis is not uncommon. Research has shown that of all patients who are registered in a psychiatric clinic, 20% have this diagnosis.

Moreover, men and women with diagnosed psychosis have approximately equal proportions, but the causes and symptoms of mental disorders are different.

About malefactors and risk groups

The Causes of all psychoses are quite diverse. Mental disorders can provoke severe stress, for example, from the loss of a loved one, alcohol or drug poisoning, the consequences of infectious diseases (neurosyphilis, tuberculosis), mental trauma resulting from constant moral pressure or humiliation.

Genetic predisposition, endocrine and age-related disorders, disorders of the nervous system, and brain injuries play an important role.

Men are not as susceptible to hormonal fluctuations as women, so they have a large role in the manifestation of psychosis have alcoholism( alcoholic psychosis), drug addiction (drug aggression), head injuries, internal factors or hereditary predisposition.

An important role is played by the behavioral factor: symptoms of psychosis in men develop against the background of head injuries and brain contusions.

Who is at risk the most?

Psychosis affects members of the stronger sex of different age groups. Teenagers carry this disease harder and treat them much more difficult. In adolescence, due to constant hormonal explosions, it is possible to manifest a mental disorder with the appearance of signs of schizophrenia.

Young people have manic-depressive psychoses due to constant nervous tension and making fateful decisions.

The risk group includes men of any age who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. In this case, can manifest the so-called delirium tremens (alopecia), followed by the feverish delusions and hallucinations.

In this case, acute psychosis manifests itself clearly, and the disease progresses quickly if the man does not have the strength to give up his harmful habits, then you can expect repeated relapses, which will be much more difficult to cure.

Among the stronger sex, there are more frequent exacerbations of mental disorders against the background of chronic alcoholism, trauma or syphilis.

Exacerbation of the disease in men is associated with their behavioral factor and social role.

Men do not always cope with the role imposed on them by society as the head of the family and "breadwinner", they can not independently carry this load, stress accumulates, which eventually leads to a nervous breakdown and psychosis, as its complication.

Early cases of senile psychosis against the background of Alzheimer's disease are associated with a genetic predisposition of the stronger sex to this disease.

There are psychos among us, but how can we identify Them?

Psychotic disorders are associated with impaired brain function. This leads to changes in the patient's behavior, emotional state, and thinking. A person ceases to think adequately and cannot correctly assess the situation around them and their position in the real world.

One of the first manifestations of the disease is hallucinations: auditory, visual, tactile, etc. the Patient hears voices in his head that tell him to do something, go somewhere, under the influence of these voices, he may even commit a crime.

You can Guess about hallucinations from the side by these signs:

  • the person pauses in mid-sentence and listens to something inside them;
  • talks to himself, you can make out fragments of phrases;
  • the patient can't concentrate on anything, he lives outside of real-life;
  • is often depressed, feels guilty, and does uncharacteristic things.

In contrast to women, who are more characterized by hysterical mental disorders, men on the background of psychosis are characterized by the manifestation of symptoms of delusional disorders.

The Delusional idea differs sharply from reality, but the patient perceives it as the truth. For any man, his self-esteem is very important, and if he is sure that he did not take place as the head of the family, husband, and father, this can lead to an obsessive state, and then to a delusional idea.

A Person who is confident in the correctness of their delusions can not be persuaded by logical conclusions, they are completely confident in their arguments.

Mental disorders are often accompanied by motor disorders. For men, arousal is more typical. In this case, the movements become fast, sharp and as if unfinished, facial expressions are fast, speech is abrupt, accompanied by grimacing.

Diagnosis of the disease

The First signs of mental illness may occur several months before its acute manifestation. Relatives of the patient may notice gradual changes in their behavior, a sharp change in habits, loss of appetite or sleep, the appearance of anxiety that turns into real phobias, etc.

Only a specialist can make a diagnosis. Since psychosis is associated with a violation in the brain, CT or MRI of the brain is prescribed, as well as other studies to assess brain activity.

Based on the conversation and psychological tests, the doctor can determine the presence of delusions, disorientation in space, aggression or depression, hallucinations and other symptoms characteristic of acute disease.

Treatment approach

Exacerbation of any mental illness is treated only in a hospital. At the first stage of treatment, the patient will be prescribed psychotropic drugs,- antidepressants and tranquilizers, as well as General restoratives.

As an additional tool, physiotherapy procedures are prescribed: electron, acupuncture, physical therapy, and others. They relieve the patient's emotional stress and develop a positive view of the world around them.

The best results in the treatment of mental disorders can be achieved with the help of cognitive therapy: it allows you to strengthen your self-esteem, change your view of the world around you, etc.

Besides, psychological rehabilitation provides good results in the treatment of psychoses. it includes: group therapy, art therapy, occupational therapy.

During the stay in the hospital, the doctor determines the cause of the disease and tries to eliminate it, if possible.

You Can not change the dose of medications prescribed by your doctor or cancel them. Submit your entire life to a firm schedule.

A Huge role in the treatment of the disease is played by the support and understanding of the woman you love.

Important aspects on the road to mental health

Many men are ashamed to admit to any diseases, considering that it is not manly to be ill, and even more so, in mental disorders, considering them something shameful. In a fundamentally incorrect opinion, psychosis is the same disease as angina or diabetes, and also requires constant treatment and supervision by specialists.

Start treatment as early as possible, in this case, it will go faster, and you will not be afraid of a relapse.

To date, the exact cause that provokes the development of psychoses has not been established, so no one can be 100% excluded from the risk group. Heredity plays a special role in the development of the disease.

Melancholics, suspicious people with phobias and subject to other people's opinions, insecure men with frequently changing moods, exhaust their nervous system with constant experiences and expose themselves to unnecessary danger.

We must remember that only in a healthy body is a healthy spirit. It is important to strengthen your physical health: lead a healthy lifestyle, exercise, do not drink or smoke.